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Anne Remerie

In 2003, Anne Remerie qualified in Law with distinction at the University of Ghent. The same year, she began her placement at the Bar in Ghent in a practice specialising in liability and insurance law.

Ms Remerie has been part of the Rabotlaw practice since 2006. She also specialises in personal and family law, as well as youth law. Since 2006, she has been frequently been appointed as a provisional administrator.

In 2008, Anne Remerie qualified as a youth advocate.

She has also been a lecturer at HoGent since 2009 in the Business and Organisation faculty, where she teaches the subjects of judicial private law and family asset law on the business management course, Law Practice option.

Preferred areas of the law

  • Copyright
  • Attachment
  • Consumer protection
  • Family law
    • Adoption
    • Parentage & Parental authority
    • Divorce and matrimonial asset law
    • Name & nationality
    • Maintenance payments
    • Guardianship
  • Inheritance law (including donations and wills)
  • Mental illnesses (temporary administration)
  • Youth law