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International networks

Rabotlaw is a member of two international networks of lawyers, company auditors and tax advisers.
This enables client companies to call on reliable and highly skilled partners in other countries.

These partners and their activities are listed at the following two websites:

logo Consilium Iuris

logo Iusful

As part of running your international business activities, Rabotlaw is able to advise you in the following areas:

  1. International labour law
  2. International contract law (purchase & distribution)
  3. International private law
  4. European law (including competition law)
  5. International and European tax law
  6. Transport law

By clicking on one of these topics, you will find out who handles these specialist matters.

2. Philippe Devos, Wim Bartholomeus
3. Philippe Devos, Wim Bartholomeus
4. Philippe Devos, Wim Bartholomeus
5. Wim Bartholomeus
6. Philippe Devos, Johan Singelée