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Dossier fees

There are fixed dossier fees associated with the opening of each new dossier.

These relate (non-exhaustively) to:

  • stationery
  • creating the material dossier
  • creating the virtual dossier (in a database)
  • entering data into a virtual dossier (in a database)
  • closing a virtual dossier (in a database)
  • archiving a material dossier
  • archiving a virtual dossier (in a database)

A fixed administration fee of 60,50 €(50,00 € excl. VAT) is charged for each new dossier.

Office overheads

Part of the fixed office overheads is allocated to each dossier.

These relate (non-exhaustively) to:

  • utilities
  • lease of offices
  • office maintenance
  • computer network
  • maintenance of the computer network
  • telephone network
  • software licences
  • Internet subscription
  • website
  • ongoing training and education
  • Bar Association fees
  • miscellaneous insurance policies
  • library

The charge for the office overheads included in each dossier is calculated at 10% of the total fee.

Practice charges


Unless agreed otherwise, the services provided by Rabotlaw are charged per minute, based on the following hourly rates (index 2013):

  • An hourly rate will be agreed beforehand; this can vary between €121,00 per hour and €242,00 per hour (between €100,00 per hour and €200,00 per hour excl. VAT) and depends on a series of factors.

At Rabotlaw, all services are charged by the minute (hourly rate divided by 60), so that the client only pays for the time that has actually been worked. Our hourly rates are indexed annually.


Rabotlaw makes every attempt to limit its office overheads by making intensive use of IT applications.

Variable charges

  • letter per page: €12,10 (€10,00 excl. VAT)
  • typing per page: €11,50 (€9,50 excl. VAT)
  • e-mail: €9,10
    (€7,50 excl. VAT)
  • registered letter:
    (€15,00 excl. VAT)
  • copy/colour €0,30/€0,60
    (€0,25/€0,50 excl. VAT)
  • kilometre: €0,91
    (€0,75 excl. VAT)

Fixed charges

  • dossier fees
  • office overheads