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Willem Dobbelaere

Graduate in Law (current degree Master in Law) from the State University Ghent (RUG) in 2002. He subsequently also studied at the Royal Conservatorium in Ghent. After his studies in law, he attended a supplementary course in Criminology, again at Rijksuniversiteit Gent.

This versatility then took him on to a period of placements, dealing with all areas of the law, including administrative, civil and criminal, leading to his interest in matters relating to construction, traffic and criminal matters gaining the upper hand.

After his placement, he joined Rabotlaw in 2009. In 2010, he was appointed as legal adviser by the East Flanders Chamber of Commerce, principally providing guidance for SMEs and construction issues. Since 2013, he has also been an external legal adviser for various legal assistance insurers, acting on traffic matters. Criminal law continues to play an important part in his work, both as defence and civil party.

Preferred areas of the law

  • Construction disputes
  • Traffic matters (criminal defence and civil liability)
  • Criminal matters: both defence and civil action
  • Divorces and relational difficulties
  • Access law and maintenance payments for children
  • SME guidance: drafting contracts, invoice terms and conditions, establishing legal entities
  • Collecting invoices